19 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations You Can Make (2024)

These St. Patrick’s Day decorations will have you feeling lucky in no time. Celebrate this mid-March festivity in style!

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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Decorations for a Year of Luck

Saint Patrick’s Day Awesome Decor

If eatinga bunch of St. Patrick’s Day foodisn’t your idea of a celebration, then try crafting these St. Patrick’s Day decorations instead! My husband is half-Irish, so we go all out every year for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

To attract all the luck and light you need, here are fantastic St. Patrick’s Day decorations!

1. Paper Shamrocks


Always remember: when decorating, use every kind of space in the house. This includes the space between the ceiling and the floor.

Get some cute paper and hangthese paper shamrocksto make your house come to life in time for the festivities!

2. Lucky Pallet Sign


St. Patrick’s Day decorations can range from simple ones made of paper or more elaborate ones like this ‘Lucky’ sign made of pallet wood. There’s no limit to the fun and adornment when it comes to this special day.

3. Shamrock Mason Jars


Mason jars have been the toast of DIY projects for a long time. It’s no surprise you can use them to make St. Patrick’s Day decorations as well.

These shamrock mason jars make great table centerpieces. Add a bouquet of flowers for more flair.

4. Shamrock Balloons


What’s a celebration without some balloons? It doesn’t have to be a children’s party; there’s a place for your love for balloons even on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get friends to help you out in making these shamrock balloons!

5. St. Patrick’s Day Paper Wreath


Hanging this St. Patrick’s Day paper wreath on your front door is like welcoming luck and light into your humble abode. And who doesn’t want a good and fun life?

This St. Patrick’s Day decor might be the simplest but definitely the most charming. It’s also a great way to boost the holiday spirit as well.

6. No-Sew Shamrock Table Runner


There has to be a St. Patrick’s Day decoration even on your table! Your creativity and the spirit of the special occasion must be present everywhere in the house.

This no-sew shamrock table runner will make sure of that!

7.Thrifty Hurricane


Among these St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, this thrifty hurricane has got to be the most elegant. Who knew dried peas could be used for decorating?

Use some scented candles to create a unique atmosphere!

8. St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Banner


I’m a sucker for burlap crafts, so this St. Patrick’s Day burlap banner makes my heart leapwith joy! Imagine hangingthis banner withthe shamrock balloons?

No one will be able to resist celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with you.

9. Wood Shim DIY Pallet Art


What did I tell you? Even pallet wood can now be used for St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

And I couldn’t be happier!

It’s such a versatile DIY material. You could even keep these pieces of wood shim DIY pallet art after St. Patrick’s Day.

10. St.Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold


While St. Patrick’s Day decorations are about innovation and creativity, it’s still nice to follow tradition in your own way. What’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without a pot of gold?

It’s simply the best part. Your kids will love munching on these gold pieces.

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11. Lucky Penny Letters

Looking for decor that’s a little extra? There’s nothing bolder and louder than these ‘Lucky’ penny letters. It simply screams St. Patrick’s Day.

If this doesn’t get you all the luck you need, I don’t know what will.

12. Three-Leaf Clover Shadow Box


Knowing that St. Patrick’s Day is near means springtime is also fast approaching. So if you’re up for decorating with greens, this three-leaf clover shadow box would be a great idea, to begin with.

Make it more special by hiding one four-leaf clover in a box full of three-leafs!

13. Rainbow Sand Terrarium


Imagine a terrarium with layers of sand featuring the colors of the rainbow. Once all the sand layers are poured in, place gold glitter on top, followed by fake succulents and glitter shamrocks.

Now, isn’t that one of the coolest St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas you’ve seen? It’s definitely on my list of favorites.

14. St. Patrick’s Day Printable


Not really a big fan of the color green? How about a nice printable St. Patrick’s Day wall decor instead?

All you need to do is right-click on the photo and save the image. This printable goes with gold glitter dots and reads “Wishin’ you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold.”

Try to add just a little bit of greenery in the background to symbolize the coming spring.

15. Leprechaun Hat Treat Cup


Kids will enjoy this leprechaun hat treat cup for their classroom party. Give them a chance to have fun by helping create this adorable headpiece idea for St. Patrick’s Day.

Fill the hat with colorful treats like rainbow jelly beans, popcorn, and gold caramel chocolates to celebrate the holiday.

16. St. Patrick’s Day Napkin Wraps


Spruce up your party table with St. Patrick’s Day napkin wraps! You don’t need to spend too much to make the holiday special.

These napkin wraps are so cute, they’ll make your family dinner extra fun and memorable for everyone. Check out this link to download the printables.

17. DIY Celtic Knot Coasters


Care for a St. Patrick’s Day knitting project to get busy with? Those lengths of excess yarn will always be put to good use.

This DIY Celtic knot coaster is for avid knitters looking to make a cool project for the coming holiday. It may appear complicated but surely you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of tries.

18. St. Patrick’s Day Tree


Clip some twigs from a nearby tree to make a tree decor, St. Patrick’s Day version. You’ll need a jar to hold the twigs, shamrock made from glitter foam stickers, and more hanging items of your choice to decorate your beautiful tree.

It’s going to be an interesting piece to put on your favorite side table.

19. St. Patty’s Lucky Pillow


We already have a knitting project on this list and it would be nice to have something for sewing as well. If you love throw pillows, this is certainly an idea you would want to work on.

Sew the word “Lucky” and some cute clover designs on the pillow or feel free to customize with your own wonderful on-theme ideas. Accent your living room with several of these pillows for a memorable St. Patrick’s Day holiday celebration.

Watch this video from Red Ted Art for more DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations:

Well, that was quite a list. I already feel lucky and festive! These St. Patrick’s Day decorations are so fabulous, sometimes I want to keep them around the house all year-long.

Whatever kind of decor you fancy, there’s a way of putting your personality and preferences into it — thanks to these St. Patrick’s Day decorations!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your DIY materials out and have some merriment the Irish way.

Which of these DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations makes you feel the luckiest and most festive? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

19 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations You Can Make (2024)


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