31 Healthy Green Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (2024)

We’re all about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with some green grub. But sorry, folks—that dyed-green beer and bagel aren’t winning any nutrition awards. (In fact, that food coloring may have some not-so-great side effects.) Here are 31 recipes to celebrate being green the healthy way.

1. Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

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Like we needed another excuse to start off the day with a Bloody Mary! This festive recipe gets it color from green tomatoes and its kick from jalapeño and horseradish.

2. Banana Mango Green Smoothie Bowl

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Spinach and kale are responsible for this delicious beverage’s beautiful green hue. Plus, they offer tons of antioxidants and vitamins (namely iron and vitamins A and C). Banana and mango sweeten things up (and add even more nutritional power).

3. Herb and Arugula Baked Eggs

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This breakfast dish is super simple and can be made to feed a crowd. Simply throw some eggs, herbs, and arugula into a skillet and bake until cooked through! Add any other green veggies you like (pepper or jalapeño would be especially tasty).

4. Zucchini Feta Spinach Pancakes

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When classic buttermilk and maple syrup just won’t do, take cakes the savory route. (They’ll probably go better with that naturally dyed green beer too). These fritters get their color from spinach and zucchini and are flavored with feta, yogurt, and dill. Eat up!

5. Matcha Green Tea Coconut Pancakes

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Made with coconut flour, matcha powder, buttermilk, and egg whites, these pancakes are winning the healthy flapjack game. Serve up a stack of these bad boys topped with Greek yogurt, crunchy pistachios, and a drizzle of honey.

6. Superfood Shamrock Smoothie

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Kale and bananas take center stage in this green breakfast smoothie, while hemp seeds provide an extra boost of protein.

7. Green Pancakes

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Greek yogurt and cottage cheese add some extra protein to these cakes. Swiss chard creates the festive color, and vanilla kicks in some extra special flavor.

8. Pear and Arugula Smoothie

A squeeze of fresh orange brightens up this green smoothie. Greek yogurt gives it a protein-rich body, and peppery arugula lends an atypical flavor (which is balanced out by the sweetness of the pear).

9. Roasted Garlic Colcannon

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The classic Irish dish gives you the option of using kale or traditional cabbage. (Though using both kale and cabbage would get you double superfood points!)

10. Minted Pea Mash

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This simple and delicious side dish will go well with just about any St. Patrick’s Day celebration meal. Plus, it’s bright green. It’s simple to make too: just a dab of butter, frozen peas, mint, salt, and pepper!

11. Cilantro Lime Rice

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Long-grain rice is simply flavored and given some color with (you guessed it) fresh cilantro and lime—a versatile, flavorful side dish for any table!

12. Goat Cheese Polenta With Garlicky Greens

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Polenta ia a great gluten-free alternative, and this dish is packed with nutrients too. Feel free to sub in any other favorite leafy greens for kale—spinach or arugula would be delish.

13. Crispy Green Beans With Pesto

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These lightly sautéed green beans go perfectly with fresh, homemade pesto. This dish is fancy enough to satisfy the foodies at any St. Paddy’s Day get-together and simple enough that the green bagel-loving crowd won’t be scared away.

14. Green Tomato Mozzarella Stacks

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No, these green tomatoes are not fried. But they still take center stage in this fun salad recipe. Layer thick slices of fresh green tomatoes with equally sized slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and drizzle the top with herb-packed green goddess salad dressing.

15. Avocado Fries

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Yes, you read that right. Full disclosure: This recipe calls for frying the breaded fingers of deliciousness, but we bet they would work out just as well baked. Similarly, try making the cilantro-lemon dipping sauce with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

16. Cucumber Cups With Spicy Crab

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When cut into two-inch chunks and hollowed out, cucumbers make great edible serving cups! The slightly spicy, creamy crab filling tastes decadent but won’t weigh you down.

17. Fresh Fava Bean Almond Spread

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This simple spread is perfect for sharing with a crowd. Plus, it’s easy to customize with whatever type of beans or peas you have available. Fava beans give a nice creamy texture, while chopped almonds add some crunch.

18. Cucumber Feta Rolls

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Super-thin cucumber slices give these rolls a festive outer layer. Inside, there’s protein-rich Greek yogurt, feta, sun-dried tomato, and olive.

19. The Best Green Falafel

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Falafel is one of those go-to drunk foods (a.k.a. the perfect St. Paddy’s afternoon snack). These little guys are full of protein- and fiber-rich chickpeas, parsley, garlic, and cilantro.

20. Kale Chips

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These are one of our favorite snacks—period. It’s just a bonus that they’re green! Plus, they’re the perfect healthy alternative to regular old potato chips.

21. Green Chile and Tomatillo Corn Bread

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Herbs and green tomatillos give this Tex-Mex-inspired dish its slightly green hue. It counts, we swear!

22. Leprechaun Dip

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White beans make a protein-packed base, while kale gives the dish some color. Cashews, tahini, and parsley all make a flavorful appearance too!

23. Avocado Mac and Cheese

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This one’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The ultimate comfort food with a healthy twist is still just as decadent and smooth as the original, with some added nutritional benefits. Use whole-wheat pasta for even more protein and fiber.

24. Green Grain-Free Pizza

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Yes, pizza can actually be healthy. Grain-free dough and a bevy of bright green toppings make this favorite more nutritionally sound.

25. Kale and Cheese Tart With Quinoa Crust

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This tart is like a heartier, healthier quiche with an awesomely rustic crust made from quinoa and cornmeal. The filling—kale or other greens, shallots, eggs, and Greek yogurt—is super smooth and indulgent but still healthy enough that a small slice would make the perfect brunch or light lunch.

26. Spicy Salsa Verde Chicken

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The green sauce for this chicken dish is packed with healthy herbs and other goodies. Basil, cilantro, parsley, and jalapeño give it color and some kick, while a squeeze of fresh orange and lime brighten up the flavors.

27. Vegan Avocado and Banana Ice Cream

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Frozen banana and avocado make up the base of this ice cream, while coconut and vanilla extract bring the sweetness. No ice cream maker needed.

28. Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt

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Who doesn’t love a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream? This one’s different though—it’s super healthy! The base is simply Greek yogurt and coconut milk, and the green color comes from fresh mint. No need to feel guilty for having a few scoops of this treat.

29. Lucky Leprechaun Treats

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OK, you caught us. This doesn’t count as a healthy dish, but Rice Krispies-style treats with a festive spin? We couldn’t resist.

30. Semi-Healthy Mini Shamrock Cheesecakes

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The filling for these mini minty cheesecakes is made (a tad) healthier with Greek yogurt. The recipe calls for a cookie crumb crust, but try using a mixture of ground nuts and cocoa powder for a nutritious twist.

31. Leprechaun Muffins

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Who’s ever heard of putting kiwi in muffins? Now you have (and will)! This recipe combines avocado, lime, and the seedy fruit for a slightly green and sweet treat.

31 Healthy Green Recipes to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (2024)


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