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These Bloxburg living room ideas offer a collection of designs and inspiration for Roblox players looking to decorate a central room in their Bloxburg virtual house. The living room area is also one of the most complex that you’ll create in Bloxburg with multiple build and decorate menu categories having items to utilise. This includes the fireplace, comfort, chair, curtain, storage, table, electronics and even baby for those that are building a family home which can quickly become expensive and complex.

For those players with a smaller budget though we’ve also include some recommended ideas for cheap or small living areas that use limited objects and space in unique while still creating an impressive living room design with these Bloxburg house decor ideas.

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Living Room Ideas Basics
Modern Bloxburg Living Room Ideas

Bloxburg Living Room Ideas Basics

A living room is the centrepiece of a Bloxburg house layout and an important design piece to ensure your house feels like a real home. There are a few general principles you can follow for a successful living room build:

  • Pick A Theme: Choosing your theme is an important first step as if your living room colours don’t match or you use a mixture of modern and classic designs it will not reach its full potential. Just as you would spend the time to think ahead before furnishing a real home you’ll want to explore the available build and decorate menus to find a theme and centrepiece items.
  • Set Your Budget: The limiting factor in most Bloxburg builds will be your available budget (money and Blockbux) and your available unlocked game passes. Often creating a cheap Bloxburg living room initially as you build up your funds before transitioning to your dream design is the best option for most players.
  • Utilise All Tools Available: Bloxburg offers a range of useful building and decoration tools and in order to build the best living room design you’ll need to use them all. This means ensuring you colour match, colour contrast and mix items from all decorate categories while building.

Modern Bloxburg Living Room Ideas

The most expensive and popular of all Bloxburg living room ideas for players is likely to be the modern variant for its aesthetic design. If you have the budget or don’t mind being creative with limited funds this is a great living room design as it takes advantage of the massive range of options in Bloxburg. A modern living room is likely to be attached your kitchen and potentially an open plan design.

When designing a modern Bloxburg living room you’ll want to follow these principles:

  • Your television setup is going to be central to your living room, while there are projector and impressive speaker setups available in Bloxburg these are best reserved for a separate theatre room. To enhance your television based centrepiece players can look at including a fireplace for a traditional look or opt for minimalist shelving with plants and books. You can also utilise other Bloxburg interior ideas from popular Bloxburg players to create the foundation of your room.
  • Alongside your television the choice of the right couch can quickly make or break a living room design. While it is possible to use the simple sofa with the right colour tones in a budget design the best options for a modern theme will be the stylish, modern and curved sofas.
  • To complete the centrepiece of your living room you’ll need the right coffee table with your eyes likely drawn to the modern coffee table in the tables decoration category which is the easiest to implement option. For the creatively minded though there are some unique coffee tables you can craft with some effort and out of the box thinking.
  • Multiple layers of lightning is an important final piece to complete your modern living room design and Bloxburg players can either use the sleek minimalist options or make a statement piece with advance Bloxburg decoration ideas.

Small & Cheap Bloxburg Living Room Ideas

For those lacking budget in need of some cheap, small or cute Bloxburg living room ideas for their Roblox game account there are still plenty of options available although you will need to be creative. In decorating a small living room or for those wanting a cheap way to decorate a normal sized living room you’ll want to consider the following tips:

  • Creative use of colours and cheap accessory items can help in creating expensive looks from the budget items in each Bloxburg decorate category. Using a cabinet as part of the room and the various cheap plants, books and paintings is an affordable method to design your room.
  • For smaller living rooms replacing the usual large couch centrepiece with armchairs is a good alternative to ensure you have a functioning living room area despite the small space.
  • Simplicity can be visually impressive and it can help preserve your living room budget. By ensuring all your furniture items are well spaced you can achieve an impressive area while doing so in a budget manner.

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Bloxburg Living Room Ideas - Room Designs - Games Finder (2024)


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