Weekly home sales: Riverfront home in Westport with private dock and beach sell for $2M (2024)

This week’s top-selling property is a charming waterfront home with beautiful views of the Westport River that sold for $2,057,000.

Located at 1260 Drift Road, Westport, the 1,501-square-foot house sits on 1.8 acres, tucked away at the end of a private laneway.

Built in 1918, the three-bedroom house with an open floor plan boasts floor-to-ceiling views from the fireplaced living room and dining room areas, as well as a detached two-car garage.

From its large deck you can look across the East Branch of the river to Westport Vineyards, Lake’s Island and Cadman’s Neck. The property also features a private dock with swim ladder, a protected sandy beach and private mooring.

"Kayaking, swimming, sailing, flyfishing, paddle boarding, gardening, birdwatching or simply reading and reflecting on the sun or moon rising over the river are traditions which have been enjoyed by three generations since 1927," its listing by Milbury and Company reads.

The home was last sold in 2006 for $400,000.

Here are all of the residential property transfers recorded in Greater Fall River this week according to The Warren Group:


3 Davis Street, for $460,000, from Melissa S. Bean to Douglas Mitchell.

55 Gaffney Road, for $1,685,000, from Benjamin J. Gord to Rachel M. Jenkins.

70 Hidden Bay Drive #70, for $775,000, from Mary C Ellis Lt to Bruce P. King.

5 North Lane, for $250,000, from Thomas M. Qunn to 5 North Ln Rt.

1 Pine Grove Lane, for $590,000, from Thiago A. Almeida to Mark Raposo.

31 Schooner Drive, for $579,900, from Victor Saint to Sandeep Singh.

627 State Road, for $322,500, from Tracy L. Golenski to Amelia Thompson.

25 Tolland, for $790,000, from Jdc Property Mgmt LLC to Elexis Wildanger.

Winterville Road, for $30,000, from Jill Oliveria to John Wheeler.

Fall River

226 Adams Street, for $467,000, from Kevin Oliveira to Richard M. Connor.

289 Belmont Street, for $585,470, from Tetrault Real Estate LLC to Mason Cipriano.

5 Bowers Street, for $580,000, from Tetrault Real Estate LLC to Tatiana Lubia.

141 Boyden Street, for $460,000, from 22 Ricky Ln LLC to Michel S. Defreitas.

697 Broadway, for $720,000, from Sonia Darius to Jeffrie P. Ortiz.

119 California Street, for $450,000, from Daniel Boudria to Gedeisha A. Pesso.

435 Cherry Street, for $2,420,000, from Tmi Chw Portfolio LLC to Cherry & High LLC.

447 Cherry Street, for $2,420,000, from Tmi Chw Portfolio LLC to Cherry & High LLC.

176 Columbia Street, for $535,000, from Arminda A. Demelo to 176 Columbia LLC.

298 Courtney Street, for $495,000, from Ais Re Development Corp to Gabriel A. Pagan.

750 Davol Street #1216, for $525,000, from Alcindo Reis to Dani Ray.

103 Essex Street, for $500,000, from Victor M. Sousa to Michael M. Sousa.

67 Fieldstone Lane, for $651,514, from Highland Farms Ii Dev LLC to Jason Zheng.

445 Grinnell Street, for $315,000, from Joseph J. Gonsalves to Steven J. Rapoza.

107 Grove Street, for $370,000, from Antonio Almeida to Nelita Marin.

1809 Locust Street, for $375,000, from Pauline E Frates Irt to Kevin Furtado.

117 Martha Street, for $825,000, from Sonia Lowis Wilson Irt to Joshua Onujiogu.

81 Morton Street, for $588,000, from Antonie Goforth to Mark A. Calce.

3699 N Main Street, for $425,000, from James Morgan to Banhnha Solomon.

4234 N Main Street #6G4, for $330,000, from Wilfred R. Joncas to Jose C. Furna.

4234 N Main Street #205, for $400,000, from Joseph C. Furna to Kathleen Farias.

120 Plain Street, for $580,000, from Betsy J. Guzman to Victor Daniel.

550 Spring Street #4, for $391,900, from Grizotte Capital LLC to Akouvi Krasniqi.

1158-1164 Stafford Road, for $500,000, from Kssm LLC to Cantons Property Mgmt LLC.

270 Stetson Street, for $735,000, from Jennyfer Cothias to Marie Getant.

1166 Wood Street, for $296,000, from Dianne R. Shulman to Cammi Bailey.


44 County Road, for $237,000, from New Coasta Property LLC to Jeremy E. Costa.

32 Rounsevell Drive, for $383,332, from Paul E. Sylvia to Jay E. Sylvia.

4 Sandy Lane, for $180,000, from Jeffrey C. Boyd to Michael Boyd.

New Bedford

10 Agnes Street, for $420,000, from Maria A. Liborio to Miguel Gomes.

40 Avery Street, for $535,000, from Mary Maraux to Paul E. Liete.

145-147 Bates Street, for $604,900, from James E. Feeney to Tracy Luk.

293 Brock Avenue, for $495,000, from Richard P. Dumont to Mary Nunes.

56 Carlisle Street, for $415,000, from Jamei Fortes to Peter N. Bedgio.

293 Earle Street, for $500,000, from Hernani Sousa to Alberto C. Lopez.

36 Ethel Street, for $372,000, from Jeanne T. Boudreau to Paige C. Pacheco.

215 Grinnell Street, for $361,000, from Genevieve A. Beech to Jamie L. Tyree.

79 Hemlock Street, for $590,000, from Vtz Homes LLC to Humberto J. Tavares.

71 Mount Vernon Street, for $540,000, from Sharon L. Oliver to Michael Maloney.

9 N Orchard Street, for $299,910, from In & Out Perfection Rehab to William J Canning LLC.

101 Norwell Street, for $310,000, from Norwell St Rt to Jorge E. Padron-Briones.

77 Sidney Street, for $580,000, from Jennifer M Couto T to Jean R. Antoine.

99 Swift Street, for $260,000, from Jacintho Lydia Est to Ann C. Cruz.

1096 Tacoma Street, for $375,000, from Heather L. Saccocia to Erin D. Vautour.

203 Wilbur Street, for $360,000, from Jose M. Medeiros to Stacy Peloquin.

233 Wood Street, for $266,600, from Steffanie J. Lucas to Lakeview Loan Servicing L.


96 Centre Street, for $400,000, from William Mckeon to Nereida Lopes.

534 Chace Street, for $450,000, from 534 Chace St Nt to Kyle Aguiar.

111 Luther Avenue, for $475,500, from Brenda Furtado to Jillian X. Caetans-Marie.

153 New York Avenue, for $430,000, from Deborah M. Sousa to Mariano M. Pimentel.

443 North Street, for $432,000, from Leanor H. Mendonca to Sarah E. Dacosta.

537 Riverside Avenue, for $2,200,000, from Oahmshiv Corporation Inc to Avii LLC.

529 Wood Street, for $390,000, from Andrew J. Gifford to Elizabeth A. Tyler.


547 Ocean Grove Avenue, for $975,000, from Christopher Brock to Alcindo Reis.

699 Wood Street, for $285,000, from Paul Nadeau to Diane Mendes.


41 Kenyon Road, for $448,800, from Jack Graver to Jillian Schnelle.

33 Lake Avenue, for $379,000, from Christopher M. Brzoska to Sdr Realty Nt.

184 Leger Lane, for $885,000, from Wc Homes Inc to Dominic M. Bennett.

23 Willow Street, for $277,669, from Alize G. Gomes to Andrew Wheeler.

N/A, for $129,550, from Peter Kelly to David C. Davenport.

N/A, for $285,500, from Barbara Pelletier to Steven E. Pattie.


1260 Drift Road, for $2,057,000, from P & D Rt to Andrew P. Andromalos.

18 Farley Lane, for $90,000, from Cruz Ft to Elizabethh Daniel Alberto.

169 Gifford Road, for $525,000, from Calodesu LLC to Renee A. Dufour.

70 Tickle Road, for $460,000, from Lewis Nancy Anne J Est to Alan J. Chaves.

Copyrighted material previously published in Banker & Tradesman/The Commercial Record, a weekly trade newspaper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group. For a searchable database of real estate transactions and property information, visit www.thewarrengroup.com.

Weekly home sales: Riverfront home in Westport with private dock and beach sell for $2M (2024)


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