Finney's Crafthouse - Porter Ranch 20065 Rinaldi St Suite 170, Chatsworth, CA 91326 Reviews, Menu, Photos, Opening Hours (2024)


Very lively bar-vibe place.Food was just alright, but this is a good place to order some appetizers and drinks and chill and chat and watch sports.Sliders and wings were the best things we ordered.Chicken was well fried.Wouldn’t recommend the Parmesan garlic flavor but the texture is great.Moroccan salad also has a really tasty dressing but was dragged down by the unchewable steak add on.They offer a nice ice cream sandwich birthday special.The wait is usually very long at peak meal times, but they have a bar area with a long table that is first come first serve.

Owner response

Hello Emily, Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We appreciate any and all feedback and your kind words really do mean the world to us! I am sorry we missed the mark on some of our menu options. We are always looking for areas of improvement . Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you again! Sincerely, Stacy A.


This place was crowded.They don’t reserve a table when you call them, and you must wait at least 30 min to get a table on weekends.The servers are kind of annoying, they want you to order quickly, eat drink quickly, pay and go, because they are fully loaded.But this act is making the guests uncomfortable.On top of all these, if you want to get an internet access, no one helps, even if its urgent for you.They just reply by saying, the problem is from your cellphone.In order to be fair I can say that draft beer was acceptable.

Owner response

Hi Garo! First of all, I apologize if our service staff made you feel rushed in any way during your visit.This is not our standard and I will make sure to touch base with the staff to reinforce this point to them.We do not enforce table limits for a reason and we want people to feel comfortable and at home when they dine with us.Second, I believe I spoke with you the other night about the WiFi.I am truly sorry if you feel like I didn't take your concern seriously.That was not my intention at all, but I will own up to it if I made you feel that way.I am sorry.I did take your concern seriously and followed up with my IT team.As it turns out the issue was related to the most recent iOS update for Apple users.I do appreciate your kind words about the beer.It seems that we were not our best on this night for you.If you would be willing to give us another chance, I would love to have you back again to show you what our service can be at our best.Please let me know and I will arrange something for you.Thank you, Alex Chamis - General Manager


Great place for a beer and some grub with family and or friends!Came here for the wife's birthday🎂 and they did not fail at making this a great one!We ordered some appetizers (crispy coconut shrimp, cheese steak egg rolls, tower of onion rings, finney's mini burger sliders, and loaded tots) soooo good!And you certainly can't go wrong with the great selection of beer's and co*cktails to wash down the the epically prepared food!The wife went with a local favorite from the 818 brewery the "Valley girl blonde" and got Finney's Brown ale to start.The apps were perfect with our beers and the wife was very satisfied. I was still hungry so I got the A4 Wagyu ribeye burger medium rare and fries for my main dish and ordered the Fig mountain Guava IPA for my burger beer.Wow! What a combination 😍 👏 👌 Most of all our server "Isaiah" was the best! He made sure everything was perfect!As a treat, Finney's suprised the wife with a sweet birthday treat of fresh made chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream with a candle!Needless to say we will be back!Thanks to everyone at Finney's for a great time!

Owner response

Hey David! Thanks you so much for taking the time to write this positive review.We really appreciate your business and are happy you chose us to dine with for your wife's birthday.We hope to see you again soon.Sincerelt, Aja K manager

Finney's Crafthouse - Porter Ranch 20065 Rinaldi St Suite 170, Chatsworth, CA 91326 Reviews, Menu, Photos, Opening Hours (2024)


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