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20 CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER THURSDAY MARCH 31 1955 Cf dress cos oilowing Klh Winifred Goodsen SEVEN STATES EYE STATUS BINGO Qrs Sl from CLAIRE MACMURRAY Sister Veronica Educator Is Dead Sister Mary Veronica former of St John's Hospital school of I lie not tlic DUTCH VOTE OK TREATY Births and Marriages many la Verhunrr Mr a (lie and for Broadview will be in meeting will be movie of the Roses parade the Rose Bowl of Ohio State a tear retired since Oct he was presented associates in the Chapel of the Krttibhh Andrew Jaktjvm Haymond 1 Tonnwko rederick six weeks ago Dorn was born here 40 ago son of Mr and Mrs Dorn He was a member charity organizations rent than the organiza DORN She worked there when she joined Co She retired in nrih Record'd lMr omitted before each name) Joseph (rw Lou i PU'dirt'k KiMjneth Rorrl Collins teruard Camp pDofrt Robert McQueen Wiayl ilt7jvyn hW'ard Gi Dominic ptrrc Wayne Davit Eduardo Phen tn Met To eymcur IL Toltn J' nn A Hn krnlUer Jack ThOrh'jjfm Call the Service Department Plain Dealer MAtn 1 A3H8 between 10 a and 5 for Information Nn calls answered on Satur days Sundays or holidays Please do not write unless you live outside the city In which case enclose self addressed 3 cent stamped envelope This department does not make purchases for readers In i i owner Church here died Tuesday morning in Louisville Ky after a brief illness Born in Louisville 65 years ago she came to Cleveland near ly 40 years ago or 33 years Miss Weikel was bookkeeper for the Novelty LightingXJorp She was obliged to leave that com pany in ebruary because of illness and return to Louisville Surviving her are a sister Mrs Amelia Boswell of Louis ville and nieces and nephews Services will be tomorrow morning in St Catholic Church Louisville Arrange ments are by the Barrett fu neral home Louisville EDWIN II AMES Edwin If Ames member of a pioneer family of old Newburgh will be buried in Lake View Cemetery after services at 1:30 tomorrow in the Bennett Sharcr funeral home 11212 Eu clid Avenue He died late Tuesday in Lake wood Hospital at the age of 66 or the last 18 years his home had been at 17831 Baldwin Place Lakewood Mr Ames was born on old Ames Avenue in the Newburgh district named for his family Now it is 98th Street or many years he vvas associated with his father reeland Ames in a moving business In later years he had a garage on 93d Street Surviving him are his wife Bertha: a son Don a daugh ter Mrs Joseph Sidell: a stepson Elmer II Cox and six grandchildren One Man Police Cars Topic Today A meeting to discuss one man police prowl car operation scheduled to start in certain areas of the city April 15 will be held this afternoon in Safety Director John office Object will be to anticipate and eliminate any problems me chanical or otherwise that Cyril Good Mrs Ruth 2 'Mlfa Just the costume to wear on city streets or in smart restaurants it is of Duoppioni silk shantung in brown charcoal or navy with white polka dots It is a dress jacket style the dress a slim sheath with peek a boo neckline and the lined jacket with slinj peplum It may also be purchased in solid colors The sizes are 12 to 20 around $30 Cherry balibuntl fashions the Breton sailor trimmed with silk sweet peas and a velvet band 'Die new automatic elevators now installed in several of our biggest buildings seem to be most but it's so frus trating to nod at an empty cor ner and say "Thank you" as you leave 1 remember a time when our sons were small and Dick the youngest was busily engaged in not doing his homework His lather pointed out the drearv fact that postponing it wouldn make it vanish know because I've tried!" said Stu evidently felt this was on a high enough plane so be joncd in "And said lie "you ought to want to study! You don't want to lag behind the world like Aukland do My answer might be "yes" People are really so much nicer than gears A coat and 1ume the coat in spun rayon faced in the printed chintz which fashions the sheath dress The coat lining is a matching crepeThe chintz is in a carna tion print of purple navy green or red on white and the sizes are 10 to 16 The hat is a beige organdie shell Lower House Dasses Paris Tact With Only Reds Opposed THE HAGUE Netherlands March 30 ('Pi By a vote of 71 6 the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament today approved the Paris treaties for rearming Western Germany The six op posed were Communists There were 23 abstentions The Netherlands was the llth nation to begin (lie process of parliamentary ratification To my mind this clever three piece costume is ideal for train auto or plane It is of a fine Thomas cotton the loose coat and slim skirt having a lovely cloth tex ture the color being charcoal The blouse and coat lining are of sheer eyelet cot ton in soft gray and white The sizes are 10 to 16 and the price around $50 The gray ballibuntl pillbox has a white crystalline trim 135 Workers Meetor OSU Drive or unds The opening meeting of 135 workers of the 1955 Cuyahoga County campaign of the Ohio State University development fund will be at 5:30 to morrow at Wade Park Manor Host1 will be James Lin coln president of the Lincoln Electric Co and a trustee of Ohio State Appointment of top personnel for the campaign here of which the goal is 313500 will be an nounced by James St John of Cleveland who is area agent for the drive Dr John Novatney is camaign chairman and head of the men's division Miss Cyn thia Ware heads the women's division Thomas Zak leads the junior division The national goal in this cam paign Which solicits only from alumni is 3497000' In the 16 previous years of the fund's his tory 31572000 has been con tributed to the university in 189707 individual gifts This year 'as in the past the gifts arc to be allocated to vari ous scholarships funds students aid and loan funds and funda mental research projects in many areas All the projects of the fund arc those not normally financed by the state Alumni at the shown "a color Tournament of which preceded football victory over the University of Southern California in Pasadena on Year's Day Proposal to Legalize Game Stirs actions Ministerial sei vices will be there I Road' at Saturday will he Sunset Park brecht Sister Laura of Joliet Ill and Sister Regis a teacher in St Thomas Aquinas' School Services wall be at 9:30 a Saturday in Christ the King Catholic Church Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery riends may call at the lynn roelk fu neral home 13104 Euclid Ave nue East Cleveland CHARLES SCHREIBER Charles Schreiber for 28 rears a printer for the Plain Dealer died yesterday in St Hospital He had been ill more than Ife had been 19 1946 when a purse by his Plain Dealer Cleveland Typographical Union He joined the Plain Dealer in 1918 after having worked for 22 years in commercial printing shops in Cleveland His work with the Plain Dealer was chief ly in the ad alley He had been a member of the Typographical Union for 49 years Born in Germany Mr Schrei ber was brought here when he was one year old He was mar ried here 53 years ago to Mollie Nehrc or many years Mr Schrei ber had been a member of Unity Lutheran Church He was a member also of the Plain Deal er Old Timers Surviving him besides his wife are three sons Carl Herbert and Edwin Schreiber five grandchildren and three sisters Services will be at 1:30 Saturday in the Gustav Busch funeral home 3111 Burial Burial I Lutheran Cemetery Cemc I miss Ernestine Hottest Potato one case cited the hall received almost $1000 more than the sponsoring vete group Bingo is also one of the hot test legislative items in Dela ware The principal proponents are the Catholic Church and volunteer fire departments Op ponents of the bill include the Protestant churches Louisiana legislators rejected a bill which would have made possession of federal gambling stamps illegal And in wide open Nevada the Legislature enacted a measure making it illegal for the public to cheat professional gamblers Necessity for such legislation arose when prosecution had to be dropped against two men who used Mexican coins in Nevada's legal slot machines welter Vnimrt Howard Weber BOYS Ant A Atrj A Jnuk4 DaUh CrMh) Ra? rtv'nd Heinly Roberi Wood eter Rnbuliky Ladislaus Hudac John Eberlluc Walter Carroll i Edward Harun Weaver Waller Stepsnek Vineent ft Palmlsnn Kennth Hamann rank HetdU Jack Thompson George Str eni Julius Kuprin Joaeph BencK GIRI Albert Clarence A vciaon Melvin Hall Laddlf Pta i MarahaJl Howard ir Clifford CHaomn Wiliam Ralr Is Roy Aodgrra John Mam Morri Lvnnn Joe Hill Jr Sfnr Joliji ColetrB David Walton Robert Wcai tc Paul rooka Two of friends are and Wendy Recroft sure what brand of dog Brownie is some German make (West i German) who wags all over with internal lonal goodwill end is a stylish stout box er with a charm ing smile who still thinks she is a lap the Mae West of dog dom Both have per fect manners and are welcome to play on M' mvrra neighbor's lawns whenever they wish But it seems there are rules against dogs running free and dogcatchers to enforce such rules Wien we sec Wendy alone streaking for hom*o at such speed that she looks like a grey hound we know she's on lam from the paddy wagon that Brownie has gone up another stretch Brownie Is VV tiling The winded dogcateher fvvho likes dogs) says "Some day I'm going to catch her before she leaches home base and then have Io pick her up And you know DI be kind of But all he has to do with Brownie is stop bis truck at the curb pat the seat beside him and say on Brownie!" And up old Brownie leaps per fectly delighted with a ride to any' place Reminds me of our darling young friend Nancy' Morrison Her husband Jack passes on licr liescription of her first ride on the new rapid transit She said: "I bad to hire the sitter for the babies for an extra hour counting both ways the rapid goes about 12 miles from where wanted to but oh! I do just love prog ress!" I just love some progress The new ride is clean and airy and smooth as the very best butter But there scorns to be a regulai rash of progress around CJeve land some of it so lonely Just a Dial No Voices No doubt we can learn in time 'to dial our own long distance plumbers but miss the sweet voiced operators who'vc taken ie on Mr BeJX's magic carjiet Uitlovic Brtsee Mitlur Paul Hamilton Joseph Lot? Willis in Darn Eober Grihun hn Vorobei Kernurrt 11 Chesser Levanduixy Arthur Sperll sr umiri pw 4 Michael Platko arl Ktelv Anthony Kurhef Geone Shu Whllam Carpenter Robert Mi Imine Darn! Mt Laurhlln Stephen Harden Krunick If you expect to be a summer traveler you are probably looking about during these fine shop ping days for an all pur pose wardrobe Of course it must be becoming and smartly stykd and if you arc of the majority of business girls and house wives it must fit in with amoderate clothes budget The attractive costumes pictured from the Baker Co meet all of these requirements They are moderately priced are of fine materials good workmanship and repre sent the new trends of the late spring and summer They comes in sizes i J'tX i Hyde to Jean 24 4101 Crrene tn 1 A 7 A Ort 2 Am U'nMnefm tn 19 iloed 14 Grimatxn to Bar WHIR our neighborhood for so many magic visits Brownie Bickford I'm not DAWSON Miss Ernestine Dawson for more than 10 years in the glove departments of Cleveland stores will be buried in East Cleveland Cemetery after services at 1:30 today in the Brown Son orward funeral home 17022 Kinsman Road Shaker Heights She died Tuesday in the Mc Gregor Home East Cleveland where she had resided for the last 14 years She was 80 Miss Dawson who was born here began her career a' a re tail glove saleswoman with the Higbee Co until 1925 Halle Bros 1941 Only nieces and nephews sur vive her MI CORNELIA DEJKLL Miss Cornelia Weikel for many years version of St Raul Catholic 'one man car system CHICAGO March Bingo a game of chance with a large and confirmed following is drawing considerable atten tion in some State Legislatures this year So are other forms of gambling Legislators holding bingo val uable in raising money for charity proposed to make the game legal entertainment in seven states an Associated Press survey shows In three of the states Maine New Hampshire and Louisiana the bills were rejected They are pending in the other New York Delaware Wisconsin and Massachusetts In New York the Legislature is expected to pass on to the voters next year a proposed constitutional amendment legal izing the game Ministers Comment The proposal has stirred New York ministers into comment Rev Joseph Tinnelly dean of the law school at St John's University says bingo is a "wholesome and "is not an evil in However he warned against letting bad influences creep into legalized bingo On the other hand Rt Rev Horace Donegan Protes tant Episcopal bishop of the dio cese of New York calls bingo and other forms of gambling morally wrong New York's neighbor state New Jersey legalized bingo and raffles for charity fund raising last year To control the game the state set up the legalized games of chance commission On March 21 the commission reported to Gov Mcyner that proprietors: of bingo halls were charging more tions made sponsoring bingo nursing in 1928 and received a degree in nursing education from Catholic University in Washington in 1947 or a time in 1947 she was an assistant administrator at Charity Hos pital She was appointed clinical in structor at St John's College and later was named director of the school of nursing at St John's Hospital She had that post until her1 health failed in 1951 The former Leona Good she survived by her mother Mrs Anna Schatz Good of Sandusky three brothers Clarence Wy Harold and and a sister Sartor HERBERT Herbert Dorn who in 1940s became widely known as a maker of ornamental wrought iion work in his plant on the West Side died jesterday in St Hospital Manv buildincs had examples of the work of his plant the Industrial Welding Co Mr Dorn moved his business to California in 1951 but he returned here ibou Mr years Julius of Masters Masonic Lodge Surviving him are his wife tlio former Doris Baker two children Dennis and Doris his parents a sister and two broth ers His home was at 1259 Cove Avenue Lakewood Masonic services by Masters Lodge will be at 8 tomor row in the Corrigan funeral hom*o 1 1750 Lorain Avenue A 1 Miss Julia ox for 'ears a teacher of music in New York died there yesterday in Wickersham Hospital She" was 62 She vvas born here daughter of Joseph and Julia Heindle lox Her father was head of the for mer Julius ox Wagon Works Miss ox was a graduate of old Central High School She at tended the Juilliard School of Music in New York under a scholarship and took advanced work at Columbia University or many years she was on tlie faculty of the David Mannes School of Music in Now' York She had spent summers in Cleveland Surviving her five sis ters Mrs Anna Adams Mrs El CcrtrudcAl a member of Con 1 with the inauguration of the ard Shaker Heights and three No law could be found prohibit Ct tT 1 "'a tLAh'i aha aa I aRII I 1 I Ml I Harvey TUhrtvky ILu ahI a Gordon william Mlcharl AndA vm William Gardner Marriage Ippllmf tnnj 0519 ullerton to Helen 1 1 Hamm 9 2343 Unwin to Pauline 14S Cvlll 1142 sumnvt to Shir Chrrokee 117A4 AvrSTV A 1 I I 2 2 60 RexwvM 9R03 rarktaie Dolores 10610 Olixettr I 1 I a iv i bib A HOIvokf 2811 25 to Vtr 45 16 Wnodbridra to 3704 36 tA Ora 1 1 rt rvrj In I a 10 C4O1 4 lm 19 2336 34 1J Marr 562 105 estive evenings on a trip call for festive dresses Here we have a lovely style of a Chantilly type lace in a color choice of rose champagne or blue The skirt is set over rayon taffeta and the sweetheart neckline and little cap sleeves are flattering Sizes 12 to 20 Donald Budrlrki 21 Leonard Curry I Peters 39 2 iiiunias ranay ai ley rormiea Jn cam uamwiu ai wionw 21 Ted Gardner 22 Bernard 40 inarbi Hand it tni Mooie 34 Tsisi tenn4' AK' 4 A i i CUIIUll i Marilyn Nelson Jarna IIIum in Marshall 30 fl 120 Keyes' A 4' ft IJu A ft i mintir aivii Mireian ipuiy Emry 20 3) to r3 to Lorrtlj Bruun 17 nil IO Kinrmun Onorto so 3334 Hjd to Jein I sum 33 13305 Itoothn I milQ prvrrjy A "ry Donald Vitors Atire varea 2 bar fri KUly Pannell' 24' 3 1 1 'r 74 Rembtrt 1C715 Ashbury MirHiir tlrnsM hwM TUmm 33 plus K1id HI Marprj Skl if iJJS Ymfclure principal of two parochial schools died yesterday at Si Joseph's Convent 3430 Rocky River Drive She was 81 and had been professed since 1889 Born and reared here slie had been principal of St Augus tine's and of St Agnes' Catholic Schools She also had taught at St Colman's School here and at St Joseph's School in Canton Sister Veronica entered the Congregation of St Joseph in 1886 The former Margaret Hurley she was the daughter of the late I John suet Anna Hurley Surviv mg tier are three sisters Mrs Aurelia Gilliam Mrs Hull and Mrs Dorothy Seba Services will be at 9 a I Saturday in the chapel of St i Joseph's Convent Burial will be I in Calvary Cemetery riends may call at the convent today and tomorrow SISTER MARY ELOISE Sister Mary Eloise a nursing and administrative educator here for many years will be buried in Calvary Cemetery after services at 9:30 a to morrow in the chapel of St Vin cent Charity Hospital riends may rail at the hospital Ar rangements are in the charge of McGorray Bros funeral home 3040 Ixirain Avenue Sister Eloise died Tuesday' in Charity Hospital of a heart ail ment Born in Sandusky she entered the community here of the Sisters of Charity of St Augustine in 1921 She was pro i fessed in 1926 Sister Eloise was a graduate ESTATE SET AT $1 93643 William Katz real esta'te dealer who died June 6 left an estate valued at $12293643 ac cording to an inventory filed yesterday in Probate Court Beneficiaries are his wife Dor might be expected in connection othy 19301 airmount Eoulev I children I I a JK i 9 At I if wiMBaRMMBwrwri I' Vianet Mt i WlW I UWAKSMir i TIBlM Mill! I a A mR 1 i lbwh aaM ji hjmm r'W rx a i vSH A Wil A SMI itW 1 V' I if fl i amt i 'MHO JaHnaMHHlMHitai A T' IT II I ML AM it z' v'' vx' 7 i Rjraaa7 wj wh 7 I MJjM IJV 'd awfiyaBHtia a "7 The ashions 1 I 1 wgntaaezg iiihi iwmnT vwMfe aMMi I I '4? JL i £1 Hr r7 rC.

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